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Personal Developement - March 29, 2018

12 Dream Fulfillment Strategies That Guarantee A Happy Life

12 Dream Fulfillment Strategies That Guarantee  A Happy Life

Dream, like a plant, needs to be nurtured with patience and tenacity if you want fruition. Since God operates by the principle, dream fulfillment strategies are principles that will make your dream go beyond a wish to accomplish. You’ve heard this saying before “If wishes were horses, even a fool will ride”. Genesis chapter 1 and chapter 2 gave a vivid illustration of the difference between a wish and a dream. A wishful thinker leaves his life and destiny to chance. A dreamer works out his dream and destiny. In the above-mentioned scripture (God had a dream to create the human-inhabited world). So he applied those dream fulfillment strategies.

  1. Conceive an idea: Every great accomplishment begins as an idea. The first step to dream fulfillment is to dream. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to become in life? At times your dream fulfillment is a fraction of your life like your health, finance, academics or a habit. This is the foundation. If someone wakes you in the dead of the night, you should be able to say what your dream is. Your dream must be clear enough to explain to anybody.
  2. Create the enabling environment: One of the dream fulfillment strategies is to create room for it to thrive. If your dream is to live a Holy life, you can’t surround yourself with old sinful friends. Your work, people, lifestyle, time is like rain, sunshine, fertilizer that can either make or mar your dream. The bible says those who walk with the wise will be. God removed the darkness inhibiting his dream to create a beautiful world. Genesis 1:1-5. What are you currently doing, where do you currently stay, who are the people you are presently hanging out with? This is because we are a product of influence. Whether positive or negative is another thing. I know you’ll still relate these people, but put each in the right place as God did. “You are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with-Jim Rohan.
  3. Tidy your home first: It is staggering how many dreams died before they see the light of the day. This is simply because the dreamer never plans his work before he works his plan. Joseph would not have lived his dream if not for God. The reason is that he shared his dream prematurely. Genesis 1:26 God never made his intention known. However, he was working in the background. So, before sharing your dream prepare yourself. It may be in the term of training, the gathering of information, development, financial or material, provision etc. God did not create man first, but all the man would ever need.
  4. Have the end in view: One strategy that is germane to dream fulfillment is knowing the ultimate end of your dream. When will I arrive at this point or that point in the future? God’s vision was to create another world apart from heaven with the human being apart from angels so that he may fellowship with them. This informs the reason of creating everything before man. Nobody spends his time, money and energy on a worthless venture. Athletes will sweat it out daily in the gym to get the award. A Student will burn the midnight candle because of the good grade. Soldiers will put his life on the line because of the sweetness & gain of victory. Therefore, the end of your dream should elicit-passion and zeal in you.
  5. Share your dream with like minds: You cannot accomplish much in life alone except your dream is not big enough. So, one big dream fulfillment strategies are to partner with others who will spur you up, challenge, correct, advice and add to you in every way best possible. Every multinational company you see today started as a one-man gang vision. But, when they synergize with others, they become better and stronger. Read Gen 1: 26. There is always somebody out there who has what you needed to excel. Two (good) heads are better than one. Moses couldn’t accomplish much when he was the only one managing the nation of Israel. Thank God he listened to Jethro’s advice. Jesus, God in man could cover the world with the gospel outside Palestine. However, sharing his vision and mission with the twelve birthed a phenomenal impact centuries after He physically left this world. Acts 1: 8, Matthew 10: 1
  6. Define and be specific about your dream: Personal development coaches teach that you’ll get more accomplishment having a single state vision policy. Ensure you do not choose too many dreams at a time. God had only one dream captured in Gen 1:26 (quote thus). Jesus was unequivocal in stating his mission on earth and the purpose of his calling to the disciples. Mark 3:13:19, Luke 19:10.It is not enough to say I want to lose weight. But, a specific goal or dream is I want to lose 10kg in 5 months, by following this routine. You don’t say I want to grow spiritually this year. The right goal is I want to grow in evangelism, prayer, holiness, and word of God etc. As a student, applying this dream fulfillment strategy will mean you’ll define a special area of your academic pursuit you wish to improve and go all our pursuing it. Take a chunk of dream one at a time. God could have created everything at the flip of his finger, but he chose six days. One day at a time.
  1. Verbalize your dream: God spoke his dream and vision into existence. Joseph spoke out his dream (though not appropriately). Jesus even in his teen voiced out in an unmistakable manner his calling and ministry Luke 2:49. He repeated and rehearses his mission in the ears of those who cares to listen. Luke 4:17-23. Jesus was not mincing words about his dream with the imminence of death before the high priest and Pilate mark 14:61-62, 15:2. On the cross Luke 23:24; 43 Even after His resurrection, Jesus still rehearses his a dream, Acts of the 1:8. But what is the essence of those repetitions? “What gets talked about gets done”. It is equally a mark of your conviction and faith in your dream. If you don’t believe in your dream who will?
  2. Start Now! Someone says an imperfect start is better than years of procrastination. One item in the dream fulfillment strategies kit is to avoid perfectionism. Yes. I talked about adequate preparation earlier, but, perfection is a mirage. You’re better off learning on the job that waiting till you or all condition is perfect. Notice God’s statement in Genesis 1, he ended each day with word of self-praise for a well-done job “it was good”. But in Genesis 2:18 God found out an adjustment he needed to fix in Adam (creating and helpmeet for him). Simply put the needful in place and hit the ground running. You become better by doing.
  3. Write down your vision: The shortest pencil is better than the best brain. Human beings are subject to forgetfulness that is why it is better to write down your vision. If you write down your dream, then, the following will be the by-product. You’ll be able to evaluate it periodically; you can easily, show it to others. Also, you can allocate a specific portion to others. It allows feedback and it affords you the opportunity to celebrate and pat yourself on the back for a job well-done. Great dream always outlived the dreamer. The coming generation can continue from where you stop.
  4. Prepare for the worst but expect the best. Do not imagine you’ll have a smooth sail accomplishing your dream without opposition. In the word of Leon Ho if you’ve set your sight on success you should prepare for disappointment, frustration and roadblocks. These things are impossible to avoid. And the bigger your dream, the more of the negative you can expect to encounter. Usually those you expected to fan with, you will want to extinguish it. Joseph had his own opposition from his brothers. Moses has his siblings to contend with on his way to stardom.  Jesus’ brethren never bought into his vision, his own share of disappointment.  Yours will not be an exception. But, focus and determination will surely wear out that storm.
  5. Success takes time: If anyone presented you with simple  dream fulfillment strategies that give results in 24 hours know that person is out to defraud you. By now your’e already familiar with the dangerous effect of fast foods and the likes. So, a lasting global impact dream takes time to give results. Imagine Jesus going through forty days fasting and prayer before recruiting only 12 disciples for just 3 year ministry. How do you explain God training Moses for 80 years an assignment that eventually lasted for 40 years? Or why did God have to wait 20 years before giving Abraham the promised child? Why did Abraham have to travel three days journey because of a test on Isaac? One can get the answer when you likened it to the difference between planting maize and a palm tree. The time, Stress, investment differs so the result. But, which one will you prefer?
  6. Celebrate your success: Two things that fuel passion is hope and success along the way. That was why I asked you to write down your dream. At every point, you see a small improvement in your effort appreciate God and pat yourself on the back for job well-done. You can see God in creation work. At the end of each day God will look at his effort and commend Himself “this is a great stuff” Jesus knew the importance of this when he said “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Mark6:31. When you rest or celebrate one success, it fires you up for the next uphill task.

Dream fulfillment strategies are not a one-run off the mill excise. It is a conscious habit of the highly successful people. Most people that excel do build that success structure with the steps, a brick at a time

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