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No matter the type of temptation you are currently facing or must have faced, I have discovered these 3 temptations common to all believers. Satan as a good marketer has only rebranded the same old tricks according to each dispensation.
The first Adam in the first book of the old testament and the second Adam (Jesus) in the first book of the new testament faced similar temptation but, in a reformed way. The following Bible passages attested to this 1 Cor 10:13; Gen 3:1-7; Matt 4:1-11. These three common temptations have wrecked the spiritual ship of many people, especially young Christian 1John 2:16.
What then are these three temptations?

1 –     Lust of the eyes.  When you compare Jesus’ temptation and that of Adam you will see the similarity. Most temptations begin with our look and lustful interpretation continues in our mind which eventually leads to sin. Satan showed the fruit to Eve and showed the glory of the world to Jesus. Though the fruit has been in the garden with them all this while, but, now she looked at it lustfully. She began to give another meaning to the fruit other than what is meant by God. A man that fell into adultery will first see the other woman as a female, then if he continues to look on still he will discover something his wife does not have. Since, then, he wishes she could be his wife. At this juncture, it has become sin already. If this is not curtailed the man will eventually fall into the act.
The lust of the eyes may not be harmful at the beginning only to degenerate to a trap. It can be simple as looking at a neighbor’s car, house, family, dress, ministry, career, cell phone, etc. If you look at the following examples you will notice the slow, steady effect of lust. Achan looks at the Babylonian garments and another step follows, stealing and the result, death. David looked at Bathsheba and before he knows it, he had become an adulterer and a murderer. Gahazi’s look at Naaman’s gift lustfully and he got leprosy in exchange.
Nothing is wrong in appreciating something good. But it becomes a sin when we see ours as inferior and wishes others belongings become ours.
2-       The lust of the flesh- Eve said the fruit is good for eating as if they have not been eating before then. Lust dictates we satisfy our desire or physical needs, whatever the cost eternal consequence notwithstanding. The future effect does not count to a person overtaking by the lust of the flesh. Little did David know that few gratifications with Uriah’s wife will spell doom for his coming generations. The Pursuit of career, academics, ministry, food, drink, etc, amounts to the lust of the flesh as long as it negates the will of God and our stand with Him. Esau was only ready to give his birthright to satisfy immediate hunger. President Clinton’s unwholesome relationship with his office staff almost caused him his political career. History abounds of people that have lost their careers, family, health, and ministry to the lust of the flesh. “I want it and I want it now syndrome.”
3. PRIDE OF LIFE: – Eve said it is a fruit that makes one be wise as God. Are they wise before? After all, Adam gave names to all animals and birds without interference from God. The same sin that made Satan loose his office in heaven is here introduced. There was nothing wrong with desiring wisdom, but everything is wrong when we want to compete with God. Pride of life is showing off how important than others we are. How our effort has paid off in monetary or physical terms. Here our success is flexed without the contribution of God, but as a result of our hard work, smartness, oratory etc. It was said that the manufacture of the Titanic ship (the biggest ship) said at the official launch and first voyage that considering the state of the art technology put into the construction of the ship, even God cannot sink the ship. Unfortunately, they never lived to tell the story. Satan also showed the glory of the world in a second to Jesus that goes to show us how fleeting all human achievement could be if weighed on the scale of eternal value. Those who understood the price of lust, of the flesh are Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and Herod in the New Testament. Unlike Eve, Jesus will not stand to negotiate on issues that are clearly on God’s reserved list. When you compare every form of temptation you have passed through or seen people fall into it hovers around these 3 temptations of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and pride of life. All human beings from Adam have reason to pass through these tests.
The above templates of temptations are meant to help us as Christian to be on the guide. Whenever the Devil comes tempting, it cannot be any less or better ways than the ways mentioned. One area to be careful of is to watch our personal weakness as he usually leverages on this. You cannot win negotiating with the devil; the winning strategy is to run away.

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Author: Joseph Akinrinola

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