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12 Dream Fulfillment Strategies That Guarantee A Happy Life

12 Dream Fulfillment Strategies That Guarantee  A Happy Life

Dream, like a plant, needs to be nurtured with patience and tenacity if you want fruition. Since God operates by the principle, dream fulfillment strategies are principles that will make your dream go beyond a wish to accomplish. You’ve heard this saying before “If wishes were horses, even a fool will ride”. Genesis chapter 1 and chapter 2 gave a vivid illustration of the difference between a wish and a dream. A wishful thinker leaves his life and destiny to chance. A dreamer works out his dream and destiny. In the above-mentioned scripture (God had a dream to create the human-inhabited world). So he applied those dream fulfillment strategies.Continue reading

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Unbelievable Lessons Jezebel Teaches Christian Women

Darkness thrives in the absence of light. If you don’t have something to offer, then don’t criticize the existing idea. In my usual manner of drawing the positive from the negative, in this post, I will deliver into your hand unbelievable lessons Jezebel teaches Christian women.
Almost everybody regarded Jezebel as the most dreaded of all women in the Old Testament times. Since every one of us will make an impact whether positive or negative is another thing. It then implies we are the sole determinant of how we both influence others, or others influence us.
Perhaps you don’t understand why I always celebrate my wife openly and consider myself one of the fortunate men on earth. The answer is simple. Let your wife follow these lessons Jezebel teaches women and you will thank me for it.
As a Christian sister planning to get married, practice these tips and I guarantee you’ll be the toast, not only of your husband but also of his family and friends. Read more »

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Godly Marriage Principles Every Youth Should Know

Godly Marriage Principles Every Youth Should Know.

Today there are several alternatives to Godly marriage principles. It is therefore not surprising why the rate of divorce is on the increase. Many people, including Christians, are enduring their marriage instead of enjoying them. Most held onto their marriage vows because of their status in the church and society. Though this group appears to be together outside at home, they are miles apartContinue reading

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4 Basic Human Fears You Must Overcome To Reach Your Goal


4 Basic Human Fears You Must Overcome To Reach Your Goal

Are you terrified with all or any of these four basic human fears? These fears will definitely slow down your chances of delivery of your dream to affect your generation and lived a fulfilled life. Worrying and timidity is a degree of fear. Everybody had a share of fear as a child. In any case, as we grow up we have the tendency to conquer some fundamental phobia. This is on the grounds that we now know better about the truth of those things we dreaded. Continue reading

reasons you fear could not be undersood by a fearful man

Uncovering Reasons You Fear

Do you fear? Do you wonder why you fear? If your answer to these questions is yes, look no further. In a short while, I will be uncovering reasons you fear and why you shouldn’t. It is a silent killer. Fear kills physically and spiritually. It works in a subtle way and any unwary individual can be its casualty. What am I discussing here? Fear. What causes fear and why you must deal with it is the focus of this post. Don’t forget what made others afraid may not be the same reasons you fear.Continue reading

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Hard to Believe Facts About The Prodigal Son’s Older Brother

Hard to Believe Facts About The Prodigal Son’s Older Brother

Commentators and writers seldom talk about the prodigal son’s older brother. Though, the intent of the parable is to show God’s response to repentant sinners. However, each person involved has a stake in the story.  But he answered his father, Look! All these years I’ve been slaving for you and never disobeyed your orders. Yet, you never gave me even a young goat so I could celebrate with my friends.

I found these four often omitted striking lessons in the life of the prodigal son’s older brother.Continue reading

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Untold Part About The Good Prodigal Son You Need To Hear

Untold Part About The Good Prodigal Son You Need To Hear

Do you wonder if there is anything as good prodigal Son? Come with me I will show you that no one is good that has no bad spot, and no one is so bad that does not have a good side even the devil. I made it my habit to learn from everybody and every situation even the most hostile.

The parable or story of the prodigal son is one of the most profound stories that talks about God’s love of erring and repentant sinner. But much more than that, people focus on the negative aspect of the young man. The attention has always been on his wasteful and riotous life. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Some area every youth can leverage on to be better off are listed below as we discover the untold part of the lost child I called the good prodigal son. Read more »

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Stop These Dream Killers Before They Stop You

Stop These Dream Killers Before They Stop You

Do you wonder why your dreams seem like a mirage? Check out these dream killers. Every man’s mountain is his Ignorance. If you are limited in your thought you’ll be limited in life. No one could excel above his thinking or thought level. Along with this lines, it’s not possible for anyone to kill your dream and success without your permission. Show me the person that says he can’t, and then I will show you the person who is defeated in his thought pattern.Continue reading

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10 Amazing tips About Attentiveness All Students Needs to Succeed

Attentiveness habit is one key that guaranteed both spiritual and academic excellence. It is a fact of life that what you do not hear you cannot take action on it. And what you do not pay attention to you cannot hear. It will be right then to say that you are attentive to only things that are important to you. Therefore, as a student going to the classroom implies, it is important to you. It goes to say then that what you devote your attention to will influence your choice of career.Continue reading