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Christian living - December 13, 2017

4 Basic Human Fears You Must Overcome To Reach Your Goal


4 Basic Human Fears You Must Overcome To Reach Your Goal

Are you terrified with all or any of these four basic human fears? These fears will definitely slow down your chances of delivery of your dream to affect your generation and lived a fulfilled life. Worrying and timidity is a degree of fear. Everybody had a share of fear as a child. In any case, as we grow up we have the tendency to conquer some fundamental phobia. This is on the grounds that we now know better about the truth of those things we dreaded.

Now and again, fear uncovers our insufficiency or judgment for evil done. At the other time, it could mean a strategy for the devil to dupe us from the will of God. One of it is to have a level-headed inclination towards looming risk. This might be consistent and worthy. The second is a presumption of what will happen particularly contrarily. It becomes unhealthy physically and spiritually when both become excessive. In this post, I will highlight four basic human fears that kill vision and why you should deal with them decisively

:1) Fear of God: The fear of God is one of the four basic human fears we have. You ask me are we not supposed to fear God? No! The reason you don’t touch the live electric wire or hot stove isn’t that you fear them, but you reference and regard the law that governs their operation. You reference God as a father since you adore and you would prefer not to disappoint him. You reference God for who he is and what is capable of doing. Some Christians often behave like the prodigal son’s older bother.

In Biblical times, people believed seeing an angel or vision of God is a death penalty. In any case, on the second perception, individuals who had these encounters with clear motives at the end turned out to be better in their work with God and their task.

Some feared to take new challenges because they fear they may not satisfy God’s demand. Others had a fear since they don’t know which choice counts with God’s goal. Other individuals fear God in light of the fact that the main thing they think about him is the judgment and reprimand at the smallest misstep. So for such individuals, they need to play safe so they won’t annoy God.

David was reluctant in taking in the ark to Jerusalem in light of the fact that Uzzah passed on 2 Samuel 6:6-12. He contemplated if Uzzah could bite the dust by negligible touching the ark how much with regard to remaining in his home. Yet, Obeded um was not dreadful when they are requesting that he harbors the same Ark that slaughtered Uzziah. His story would not have changed in the event that he had the fear of a slaughtering ark so to state.

I also imagined the loss David suffered within the three months the ark was in Obed-edom’s house because he feared God. Friend dare your fear and fulfill your dream 2King 13:14-19. Joash could not carry out the instruction of the man of God to the letter since he was more worried about the approaching demise of Elisha. He ended up fulfilling a fraction of the victory of the battle. These basic human fears only painted God black. This is in contrast to a caring and loving God who will correct you where and when necessary.

2. Fear of yourself: One of such four basic human fear is self-fear. This comes as self-criticism and the feeling of inadequacy. At Times people are afraid of moving out of their comfort zone thinking that is the best that there is. This type of fear is self-destructive because failure to believe in yourself is the height of disservice to oneself. A lot of young men could not pursue their vision because of fear of failure. They are busy processing the question of what if? What in the event that I come up short? Imagine a scenario in which this isn’t the will of God for me.

Consider the possibility that individuals won’t acknowledge this. The rundown of imagining a negative scenario in their head goes on without end. Some are afraid of their repeated failure instead of them to learn from their failure and move on to the next level. They learn nothing from their experience unlike Thomas Edison, who says “I have not failed, but learn 1000 times it won’t work.

I have worked with youngsters who neglect to have confidence in themselves. They say such thing as “I can’t do it”. In the wake of giving such individuals the required push they eventually turned out perfectly well in the territory they at the first taught they’re useless.

Perfectionism is part of personal defeat embedded in these basic human fears that destroys destiny. Perfectionism as  Rothesia Stokes puts it is one degree of fear that killed the inertia of some people’s dream. Young people who feared they are not perfect or the situation is not perfect yet lived unfilled life.

According to Brené Brown “understanding the difference between healthy striving and perfectionism is critical to laying down the shield and picking up your life. Perfection hampers success. In fact,it’s often path to depression, anxiety, addiction,and life paralysis” Once you’ve dished out the best of whatever you want to do. Don’t become so hard on yourself to the level of feeling guilty or depressed. Failure becomes imminent at that point.

3. Fear of people: No one who had made an impact or change in the world in one way or the other ever waited for people’s approval. It is typical for water to stream downstream when you try to swim against the tide people will raise an eyebrow. If David allowed fear to dominate him, His brothers would have talked him out of his dream 1 Samuel 17: 20-37.

David knew his onus that was why he never allowed any of these basic human fears deter him from pursuing his dream.

Nobody believes any rain coming when Noah began to build an ark. So if you want to write your name in the sand of history do not fear people’s opinion. What ended the glorious destiny of Saul the first king of Israel was the fear of the people. First, he offered the offering meant for Samuel to offer. This is because people were clamoring for it and fearful of the enemy 1Samuel 13:5-13. Second, he claimed his soldiers brought sheep from the spoil of the Amalekites battle for sacrifice 1Samuel 15:15-23.

Regrettably, the individuals who appear to impact his choice never endure the loss of the kingdom with him. In the event that you allow individuals to force you into their mold, you will ever live with misery, heart agony and lament of what you should do or not do. Keep in mind, God gave you the vision and not the general population that encompasses you. You are responsible to God on the use of your talents and opportunity.

Whenever, you have a vision different from others the following is inevitable, jealousy, hatred, name calling and at other times they will be afraid of you. They will be against you out of ignorance, fear or jealousy.

4. Fear of the devil: What does Satan fear?  According to A. W. Tozer, It is not the praying saint Satan fears, but the presence of the shepherd . Hence if you truly one of the sheep of the shepherd Jesus you can be sure of his presence always.

Many Christians know, think and talk about the devil, demons, and witches more than they talk about God. Yes, devils and the evil spirit exist and full of wickedness and craftiness. Yet, I have not given them an undue place in my thought and situation. To some, the fear of the witches is the beginning of wisdom.

In the part of the world where I came from (Nigeria) believe in demons is prevailing. It is so bad that some people will not wear their best clothes to the church, prefer using their cars only on weekdays because of the perceived work of evil people.

The fear of what the devil and its agents can do is one the basic human fears that prevent effective Christian living. A young man destined to be a great evangelist could not preach in his village because of the perceived presence of the witches in the village.

Conclusively, any of these four basic human fears can and do destroy glorious destiny. The infidel in this passage turned the table against the children of God just because they were able to deal with the likes of the listed types of fear. Child of God go in the strength of the Lord and do not chicken out at the threat of Satan.

Which of these basic human fears have you dealt with before? How do you handle it? Is there another type of fear I didn’t mention? Please add them to the comment below. Please don’t forget to share this on your favorite social platform.

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