picture of attentive student

10 Amazing tips About Attentiveness All Students Needs to Succeed

Attentiveness habit is one key that guaranteed both spiritual and academic excellence. It is a fact of life that what you do not hear you cannot take action on it. And what you do not pay attention to you cannot hear. It will be right then to say that you are attentive to only things that are important to you. Therefore, as a student going to the classroom implies, it is important to you. It goes to say then that what you devote your attention to will influence your choice of career.Continue reading


What The Best Students Do That Average Student Neglect

Every known best students do certain things that are often neglected or ignored by the average students. I received the inspiration to write about this topic during one of our recent transformational discipleship training in my church (Gofamint). The issue boils down to what makes a disciple. The word translated disciple from Greek is often used interchanged, as pupil, learner, apostle, student, follower, etc. For this post I will choose the word student.Continue reading