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12 Dream Fulfillment Strategies That Guarantee A Happy Life

12 Dream Fulfillment Strategies That Guarantee  A Happy Life

Dream, like a plant, needs to be nurtured with patience and tenacity if you want fruition. Since God operates by the principle, dream fulfillment strategies are principles that will make your dream go beyond a wish to accomplish. You’ve heard this saying before “If wishes were horses, even a fool will ride”. Genesis chapter 1 and chapter 2 gave a vivid illustration of the difference between a wish and a dream. A wishful thinker leaves his life and destiny to chance. A dreamer works out his dream and destiny. In the above-mentioned scripture (God had a dream to create the human-inhabited world). So he applied those dream fulfillment strategies.Continue reading

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Untold Part About The Good Prodigal Son You Need To Hear

Untold Part About The Good Prodigal Son You Need To Hear

Do you wonder if there is anything as good prodigal Son? Come with me I will show you that no one is good that has no bad spot, and no one is so bad that does not have a good side even the devil. I made it my habit to learn from everybody and every situation even the most hostile.

The parable or story of the prodigal son is one of the most profound stories that talks about God’s love of erring and repentant sinner. But much more than that, people focus on the negative aspect of the young man. The attention has always been on his wasteful and riotous life. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Some area every youth can leverage on to be better off are listed below as we discover the untold part of the lost child I called the good prodigal son. Read more »

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Stop These Dream Killers Before They Stop You

Stop These Dream Killers Before They Stop You

Do you wonder why your dreams seem like a mirage? Check out these dream killers. Every man’s mountain is his Ignorance. If you are limited in your thought you’ll be limited in life. No one could excel above his thinking or thought level. Along with this lines, it’s not possible for anyone to kill your dream and success without your permission. Show me the person that says he can’t, and then I will show you the person who is defeated in his thought pattern.Continue reading


The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Career

Choosing right career can be a daunting effort for most of the young people today. Notwithstanding, it is one major choice, everyone must take. This is so because it is one of the factors that influence your happiness for the most part of your life. This leads us to the question “what is a career”? A career is the vocation, profession or means of livelihood you’ve chosen to do for most the better part of your life. Hence, you pick it discreetly. Incidentally, your choice of career has a direct effect on other aspects of your life, such as marriage, spiritual activities, morals, health, relationship, income, and family.Continue reading


Truth About Buried Talent Your Pastor Never Told You As A Young Christian

There is a little-known truth about buried talent that pastors really talk to youth about today in an attempt to make them feel good so they can retain them. Our churches would become more vibrant if youths understand the grave implication of unused or underutilized talent. I will be exposing some of these truths using one of the profound parables of Jesus about the kingdom. This is the parable of the talent.Matthew 25:26-30.Continue reading

Super Easy Ways For Talent Development To Fulfill Your Purpose


If you are looking for a super easy way for talent development I am here to show you some proven methods. Developing your talent should not be that difficult if you’re determined and could follow a simple, proven method Just like an athlete champion are not made in the ring but in the gym. Your talent is like a muscle the more you use and exercise it the more it gives you.
I call this way easy because they are the method not far fetched. They include the following

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