what is next after prayer?

What Is Next After Prayer?


Most Christians and churches begin the year with fasting and prayer. Some twenty-one days fasting and prayer, while others will go for thirty days and yet some forty days. Nigerians are among the people who observed this yearly prayer ritual. But does prayer and fasting automatically translate to testimonies? Does going through this religious rite put an end to the devil’s work? I am afraid not so. So, what is next after prayer?

Our model, Jesus fasted and prayed for forty days. And Moses equally fasted to receive the Ten Commandments from God. Let’s see what is next after prayer.

  1. You need to act in faith: Mark 11:23- 24. What is next after prayer is to walk your talk. When you’ve prayed the next thing to do is believe God had answered your prayer. In that vein, rejoice in the victory you’ve received by faith. This you show by confessing positively.
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One of the faith-sapping Christian experiences is an unanswered prayer. If you’ve been in
Christ for some time you would’ve had your own dose of lack of result or testimony to your prayer request. You are off your spiritual balance, discourage and tempted to feel God has forgotten you or shut His ears to your prayers.
What then could have hindered prayer from getting the timely result?

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