man in various level of backsliding

3 Level of Backsliding No Televangelist Will Ever Tell You


The word backsliding is typically a biblical term. The backslider is often unaware of these levels of backsliding until it becomes too late. Though the word backsliding is not a compound word if separated it carries two meanings. This makes it simpler to interpret. The words are “back” and “slide”. Spiritually, “back” means moving away from God and all that pleases him. On the other hand, it means moving towards what displeases God. That said, “Slide” implies a slip or drifting away but, this time backward.

 Understanding these levels of backsliding is germane to our Christian living. Why? All things being equal anyone of us can backslide and the end disastrous. It will also serve as a caution to every seemly standing Christian. 2peter 2:20-22, Luke 9:62, Hebrew 2:1-3

1- The doubter: The first level of backsliders is the doubter. This level of backsliding is the first stage in the series of steps that eventually lead to backsliding. Read more »


Discovering Your Talent Through This Incredibly Simple Question

If you are having a hard time knowing what you are created for to be and fulfilled in life and ministry, then ask this incredibly simple talent discovery questions. Talent is your natural inbuilt ability to do certain things seamlessly. God’s given talents and ability is meant for fulfilling your purpose on earth, which makes your life simpler. Few of these talent discovery question are highlighted below.
Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.  1 Peter 4:10-11       NIV

1. What do you find yourself talking about? The bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.One of the talent discovery tip is what occupy our discussion with friends We are always eager in discussing or talking about what concerns us, poses a problem, or excites us. If we talk most times about football, for instance, your gifted area is sport generally and football specifically, whether as a writer, commentator or participant. Continue reading


How Can a Young Christian Rejoice In Trial And Tribulation

In a time like this rejoicing in trial and temptation is an issue young Christian find difficult to come to term with. One message you seldom hear from our pulpit today or found among CD’s in our homes is on reality of challenges of life. Most Christians especially youth love prosperity messages that guarantees a life without challenges. But is that all to the gospel?

How then can a young Christian maintain his cool during the storm of life?

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The trial of faith is something that is missing in the dictionary of most believers today. To worsen the case, the modern day preacher and televangelist as custodian of the word God paints the picture of Christian journey as having no bumps at all along the way. Their teaching assures the believer that trial, temptation, and challenges of life are gone with repentance. However, a cursory look at both the New and Old Testament with real life experience shows a sharp contrast

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A patient was taken to an emergency ward of a renowned specialist hospital. Instead of using oxygen gas for him a carbon dioxide was used. After an investigation, it was discovered that the cylinder was wrongly labelled. The cylinder label appears to be true but unfortunately the content was false. Though everyone in the
chain of events was sincere but that could not save the life of the patient because they were all sincerely wrong. I
will, therefore, try to list and correct some erroneous teaching about trials, temptation, and trouble in the life a believer using the bible as our guide.

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This generation is the most advanced in history yet most complicated, confused and disoriented. We have so much available yet in lack. There are so many questions about life than answers.
With myriad of questions bombarding young people today, is there any answer in view? Because religion, politics, science and money has failed in providing satisfactory answer. Such question includes:
Where do I come from?
Why am I?
How do I enjoy and fulfilled my purpose while my stay last?
Is there any all-knowing and powerful God anywhere with all these turmoil around us?
Where do I go from here?
On this blog, time-tested answers to these and many other bothering you shall be provided from the Bible.

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