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Personal Developement - May 28, 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Career

Choosing right career can be a daunting effort for most of the young people today. Notwithstanding, it is one major choice, everyone must take. This is so because it is one of the factors that influence your happiness for the most part of your life. This leads us to the question “what is a career”? A career is the vocation, profession or means of livelihood you’ve chosen to do for most the better part of your life. Hence, you pick it discreetly. Incidentally, your choice of career has a direct effect on other aspects of your life, such as marriage, spiritual activities, morals, health, relationship, income, and family.

Nevertheless, the following steps will get you out of the hook of choosing right career. The suggested tip form part of what I learned as I was growing up as a young man. This includes my failure and how I recovered. So following these steps will save you years of hassles in settling down for a rewarding career of your choice.

In the first place, the vision of a preferred future should be your first priority. However, to determine that you’ll ask the question of where are you now? In essence, what is your family background? Are you satisfied with the condition you grew up with as a young man? What was your parent’s human error for this condition? In the next five, or fifteen years, where do you want to be? What will it take to get there? What constraints must am I ready to overcome? Indeed, your sincere answer to these questions will be the difference between daydreaming and shooting for the moon.

In my case, I missed at the beginning some of these questions. But, I thank God I had a second chance. So then, these questions will be your driving force in your journey to choosing the right vocation. It keeps reminding you where you’re coming from the stage you’re and where you are going.

Followed after this is the prospect of the career. Abraham and Lot will be a good example. At this juncture, I know you do not have a crystal ball to tell you the future of any career, but the Holy Spirit can give you guidance. This implies a bit of caution. For instance, Lot looked at the immediate, but Abraham looked at the future. Lot can only see the small picture, but Abraham saw the bigger picture that he had more land to cover later than now. Abraham’s nephew made his choice based on selfish ambition, but his uncle (Abraham) thinks outside the box that relationship precedes personal achievement.

So, you must consider the future continuity before choosing such career. Another thing will include the relevance of such vocation in your society. Are there chances of progressing in such field of endeavor? For instance, some profession or trade may be marketable in some part of the world why it may be unknown or celebrated in your locality or country.

The other aspect of a course, career or vocation is its ability to pay your bills. That is, what is the level of success recorded by people in that field? Imagine a young man choosing to learn vulcanizing even with automation or Bicycle repairing in my country Nigeria. What is the prospect of such vocation. Though there may a few exceptions to that. But, if the aggregate record of success is nothing to write about, I will take exception to that.

The next step in choosing right career is defining who you are. This is because if you choose a career, not in line with your makeup then your chances of success become slim. Your make-up includes your likes and dislike. What gladden you and what make you sad. In defining yourself, some basic question will reveal your area of gifting. In essence, choosing a career in an area where you have a competitive advantage both gives you joy and accomplishment.Choosing right career simplifies your life.

Less I forget. Academic performance is not the basis for a successful career. For instance, Robert Kiyosaki pointed out the relationship between school performance and success when he listed out 50 extremely successful people who never finish school. In other words, the fact that you do not do well in school does not make you a failure. This means education is not synonymous with success; in fact, failure is in the state of your mind.

Hence, not everybody will become successful through academic. Consequently, you should not look down on yourself because you are not a graduate. Nonetheless, education has its advantage and do add value to your career. But let us get back to our discussion. Choosing right career base on what you love to do, those things that give you joy guarantees success. I mean something you can do effortlessly will surely guarantee a satisfied life.

For instance, if you always find it difficult to grab anything you’re taught in school despite several solutions applied you may need to consider other methods of learning. In other words, you do derive joy in repairing things, inquisitive about the operational systems of tools and gadgets rather than explaining their operations, then you are more of a craftsman than an engineer is. If you are more comfortable staying in a tailor’s workshop and have a flair for sewing without the ability to draw or design it on paper, then you can go into tailoring without necessarily forcing yourself to become a textile technologist.

Once, a lecturer told us his attempt at getting the last child of the family educated to no avail. He changed his school severally and engaged a private tutor for him without any result. At last, he now asked him what he will like to do? The young man told him he would like to be a tailor. So, he enrolled the young lad in a nearby tailoring workshop and within three months he could sew “Agbada” (Africa male flowing gown). And that saved years of wasted effort in pursuing academics as a career.

This may not be something that resonates with your parents, guidance, and friends. But if you are cool with it, then go for it. As a rule, I believe the easiest thing in life is to be you and the most difficult thing to be in life is to be like another person. Never allow people to force you into their mold. For instance, I rejected a friend’s suggestion of my friend that we study political science together. His reason was my chosen religious study may not have value after graduation. But, I knew this is where I have a competitive advantage. So, I stood my ground. Therefore, choose the right career that you know you have a flair for and follow your passion. However, if you choose the wrong trade or career it comes with a lot of hassle without a corresponding result to show for your labor.

Another point to consider when choosing the right career is to learn to study about the vocation. For instance, if you are considering being a medical Doctor You must define which field of medicine. Since knowledge is power, you’ll have to seek information about the right career to choose from or your desired area of interest. Is it orthopedic, surgery, dentistry. If it is engineering is it mechanical, electrical, computer, etc. As such, you must know the subject combination of any course you want to study that goes with the right career.

One of the banes of choosing career career is the incompatibility of the subject combination. This is where mentoring comes in. Ordinarily, someone has been in that profession before you. So seek the opinion of those who had gone ahead of you. As a rule, when choosing right career do ensure you speak to more than one person. This is because of human prejudice. For instance, personal biases of a single mentor about his own success story may desire you go for the same course.

Also, you can crosscheck from a reputable site on the website. At the same time, you can pay a visit to firms, organization, workshop, factory, and trade centers and see things for yourself and ask questions for clarification. One advantage of having a mentor is to avert some mistake they made on their journey to stardom. Another benefit from such people ahead in that field is that they can douse your fear and confirm your excitement about your area of interest. Their opinion is valuable because they are familiar with the terrain.

Earlier, I talked about a vision of a successful future as the driving force for choosing right career. Beyond that, you must not choose a career for monetary gain alone because true success is in doing what you love and loving what you do. Thus, your happiness and joy should be the first priority in choosing a course of study. By the way, I know people who appear to be okay by the financial standard but will hiss at the dawn of another day. This is because they dread the rooting of that work. Yes, they are well paid but they are not comfortable with it.

One sign to know if someone has chosen right career or vocation is the excitement about the job even when the financial outcome does not justify the effort. For instance, my regional pastor told us he took the ministry job that offered only one percent of his income as at that time because of his conviction and passion. But, today he is reaping the harvest. I didn’t say you should choose a less lucrative profession if you are good at it also.

I addition to the above points raised, success does not come cheap. Choosing the right career is only a fraction of the whole process. Whatever you choose to do hard-work is the hallmark of any successful career. When I mention hard work it may be an investment in term of money, energy strength, etc. But if you choose otherwise you will kiss your preferred future goodbye if you laze around.

Conclusively, choosing right career does not imply choosing the most celebrated vocation or the trade that give only six figures in term of financial benefit.

Also, the  career is not only those that go with the academic. It doesn’t matter whether it is certificated or not. No one cares whether you learned in the four walls of the classroom or by the roadside. Therefore, the most important question to ask when considering choosing right career should be; does it resonate with my make up? The one that will give you joy, pay your bills communally and impact your world will definitely be the right choice. Choosing right career is a choice and not by force. This I say to your success!

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Author: Joseph Akinrinola

Joseph Akinrinola is a Pastor, Sunday school management coach, author, blogger, and a motivational speaker.

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