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Christian living - September 24, 2019

Consequences Of Lust You Often Ignored

Proverbs 6:25-29, Matthew 5:28, Genesis 3:6,Job 31:1, James 1:13-15

Unfortunately, the best of us are not immune to lust and its consequences. You will appreciate the consequences of lust if you understood the difference between lust and love. The same thing goes for understanding the result of sin in general. As innocent as lust is, it has multiple consequences. The effect cuts across every sphere of life. It takes its toll on your family, academic, resources, business, and other relations. The injury sustained from lust, leave a scar and a bad memory that lingers for a long time. The consequences of lust are better imagined than experienced.  Lust is all-encompassing. You could lust at other people’s achievements, position, wealth, beauty, etc.

1. It leads to abuse. Love is about giving while lust is about taken. One consequence of lust is you will abuse your partner or the other fellow. A relationship is about to give and take. But lust demand from the other person all the time. You’ll want to take advantage of him or her. When you lust you won’t care about the feeling of the other people so long you have your desire met.

2. You wouldn’t be satisfied with what you have. Lust has jealousy and greed as relative. You lust to have everything at every time on your own term. Polygamy, for instance, is an off-shoot of lust. For instance, the man is not satisfied with his spouse, but he sees something else in another woman, not on his own. This same reason is for most divorces. The person seeking a divorce is not satisfied with what he or she has. If maybe the financial, social or sexual aspect of the relationship. So he or she thinks devours will be the solution. Regrettably, after the separation, he or she discovers the new person, after all, is not an angel.

3. Lust makes you an ingrate. Another consequence of lust is it shows you are not appreciative. Experience shows if you appreciate what you have, it increases in value. In fact, you put up an effort to remedy and correct the imbalance or the deficiency. One thing lustful people don’t realize is others are celebrating and desirous of the person they discountenance and discrediting the person. The consequences of lust in this regard, you are telling God, he is not a good matchmaker. You’re blaming God he didn’t create you well. You question him why you are not the other person.

4. Lust brings shame and fear. The lust to be like God brought guilt and shame to Adam and Eve. What do you think if any of these happen to you? Your parent, pastor, members, spouse discovers pornographic content on your phone as a Christian, shame, right? That is the consequences of lust. You’ll not only feel guilt before men but also before God.

5. It leads to a greater sin; lust is so subtle that you’ll not know when you get hooked. What turns David to a murderer started as a mere lust? He looked at the woman. Then, one thing leads to another. Before long, he has killed Uriah to cover his evil deed. One consequence of lust often ignored is the problem of addiction. Find out from the polygamist or adulterer and fornicator, they will tell you it began as a lustful look. Addiction to pornography, for instance, could lead to fornication, adultery, incest, and murder to cover the sin or eliminate the person standing on the way of the addict getting his or her desire.

6. It destroys relationships. One consequence of lust is the damage it causes to the relationship. You no longer value your partner. As a result, you began to withdraw from the person. Unfortunately, you mustn’t be fantasizing thereby missing the benefit of real life. This happens before you shift the attention from the one you once love to this new person or thing. At such a time, you’ll find fault in whatever the other person does.

Lust at the initial stage will look harmful, but soon grab the luster like a trap. It soon makes you detestable before God and men. Dealing with lust is the same way you’ll deal with any type of sin. This is because sin destroyed.



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