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Think You’re Are Safe With The Opposite Sex? Check 10 Ways To Maintain Your Contact Without Contamination

It is a common experience for male and female to have reasons to hang out together. This relationship may be for social, academic, sports, business or family relationship. The question of relating together with no romantic affection is the cruise of this topic, a contact without contamination. Though this challenge cut across ages but is common among young people. These address how you can safely relate to the opposite sex that will not lead to sin.

I must admit it is impossible to live in the world without having to relate to the opposite sex. Every sphere of life has become a unisex world. This is so as you’ll relate with both sexes at school, work, sport, religious and social gathering. Another area of male and female relationship in on marriage. Yes, dating comes before marriage, casual relationship proceeds real dating. Whether you are dating or a casual relationship how do you come out clean without falling into immorality?

A look at the picture of medical staff handling Ebola patient gives a clear picture of what contact without contamination means. They had contact with the patient but were not contaminated with the infection. There are examples in the Bible on ways to have contact without contamination in your relationship with the opposite sex.

The example of Joseph and Tamar will give you the way to stay clean in relating to the opposite sex without soiling your garment. I Cor. 10:13, 2 Cor. 6:14-18, Titus 2:11-13, 2 Tim. 2:22a

  1. Make the right choice: Whether your relationship with the opposite sex will be Holy or not depend on your choice. Joseph, Daniel, Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego made a cautious and deliberate choice to please God. They are in a strange land with a different culture. These Hebrew boys had no pastor, no book of the law, or a place to worship Jehovah. Yet they stood their ground to please God. The right choice starts the journey of purity in your relationship with the opposite sex.
  2. The worldly principle is not an option: Just as the world does not celebrate Holiness, sexual impurity should be a taboo to you. You cannot fall for sexual and physical impurity because your peers are falling for it. Remember others may, you should not.
  3. Understand your vulnerability: Everyone has a limit. Your weakness may be someone else’s strength. Know what spike up your emotion and keep your emotion and body on the check through the Holy Spirit. A Sister Once told me she gets aroused by merely shaking hands with men. So she would not have a handshake with the opposite sex, even if that will make her not to be in vogue with her colleague.
  4. Don’t be too sure of the other person’s intention: Most times we give a different meaning to a look, a nod, and a smile or body movement apart from what the other person meant. Thus, you need to be on the alert and show your displeasure to any advances that will jeopardize your purity. You know appearance and smiles can be deceptive, so prove beneath the physical appearance to know the intention.
  5. You must see beyond the immediate offer: When someone, male or female is showering you with an unsolicited or unwarranted gift and other benefits, it is time to suspect foul play. Therefore, be discreet in accepting gifts and bogus offers.
  6. Avoid secluded places: Make all dealings, talk, and discussion in the open or with a third party. Under the cover of darkness, the unexpected can happen. Never stay in the room with the door closed with the opposite sex. In addition to that, never visit his home alone or when nobody is at home.
  7. Some fun get you too far: As a matter of caution, for your contact not to be contaminated, you must watch your social engagement. Places like Cinema, beaches, swimming pool and dance halls will make you susceptible to spiritual impurity and fall. Not everything you watch people do on TV especially the western culture is without dire consequences considering your makeup, culture, and background.
  8. Avoid unhealthy contact: To maintain your contact with contamination, avoids such contact as kissing, pecking, hugging, stroking, etc. You may not have any ulterior motive behind that, but what about your partner? Sometimes, innocently carrying opposite sex on your lap in the bus can spell some mischief that will pollute you.
  9. Run when you need to: As a rule of thumb, run when you need to so you could save your head. Negotiating with the devil gives him a hard grip on you. Tamar could have averted the ugly experience if she had raised her voice. Joseph knew explanation will not make any sense to Potiphar’s wife, so he ran. So run when you have to so you can save yourself from sexual contamination.
  10. Avoid exchanging suggestive images with one another. One of the downsides of technology is the easy availability of pornographic content on the internet. At times, you receive such unsolicited images while browsing. You should reject such content immediately. As a child of God never come near any pornographic images for whatever reason. To ensure you maintain your contact without contamination, never exchange such unholy images with anyone especially the opposite sex. This will not only preserve your sanctity but preserve your future marital purity.

Today, many contacts have led to contamination because of the “it doesn’t matter principle”. This arises as young people demands for unrestrained liberty and celebrates an unhealthy foreign culture.

It natural to relate with other gender but you must do it with caution. This will not dent your purity. Sometimes what seems to be inconsequential today as an attitude can lead to a serious problem tomorrow. Whether as a teen, youth or an adult you can maintain contact without contamination if you keyed to the above measures.

%name Think You’re Are Safe With The Opposite Sex? Check 10 Ways To Maintain Your Contact Without Contamination

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