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Christian living - July 26, 2019

Is Lust, Good Or Bad. Check This Out

Corinthians 10:13, Matthew 5:28, Proverbs 9:17

Is lust good or bad depends on the individuals. Lust does not only mean an inordinate affection or misdirected sexual passion. This will be a narrow-minded interpretation. However, a bigger and better interpretation will mean the direction of your passion.
Simply put, lust is wrong or right depending on where, who or what you channel your passion to. In other words, lust could either be good or bad. It is good if the motive is clean. But it is bad if the motive is good.
Sometimes, you don’t know which lust is good or bad until you see the action or the result that follows.

At another time, the initial intention was good until the flesh drives us past our limits. So you can’t say lust is positive or negative. In that case, it is the concerned individual that will his own lust is right or wrong.

But this individual person must allow the holy spirit as the final arbiter in all his thought and conduct. With that, you as a Christian should know whether your thought is in consonant with the will and the word of God.
Lust is when you allow your passion or desire for something to go viral. However, what determines if it is good or bad is your motive and what you lust after. Lust is more than a desire.
More often than not, we use lust in the negative, especially on sexual perversion. But this is not always the truth as you can use the same lust legitimately towards one’s spouse. It is right to lust within the confines of marriage. This especially for those that married rightfully. However, it becomes bad when sexual lust, for instance, is outside marriage.

We shouldn’t forget God created the instinct to lust within us as humans. Yet, God has given us the ability to control that instinct. So what determines whether lust is good or bad in this instance is the ability to control it. The ability to suppress our lust is the reason we do not lust after a family member. Though we know people who engaged in incest are under a demonic spell.

To better understand if lust is good or bad is to answer whether anger is good or bad. We get angry at evil and injustice that is why we take the right action against them. But when we can’t control our emotional outburst, it destroys many things including our relationship.

According to Jim Vander Spek, sexual lust as willfully allowing pleasurable gratification of wrongfully directed sexual desire that takes place deep inside. From that definition, two words define how to know if lust is good or bad. These are willfully allowing and wrongfully directed sexual desire. Going by that word, it implies you have the choice to allow your lust to go viral negatively or positively.

Also, you are the one who determines the direction of your lust. If you direct it appropriately, then the lust is good. But, if you do not channel it correctly, then the lust is bad.
In all, you are the one that determines whether lust is good or bad. Lust can be good if you channel it right and it will be bad if you use it wrongly.
Do you have experience with lust?
What did you do to overcome it?
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