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Relationship - May 27, 2017

Knowing God’s Will For Christian Marriage

 Genesis 2:18-25

What is God’s will for Christian marriage is one question common among young Christian today? However, there seems to be confusion between what is God’s will for me in marriage and who is the will of God for me to marry. The right question should be that of who to marry as a Christian and not what is God’s will for my marital life.

The question of who is God’s  will for me to marry will be answered later, while I’ll focus on the question of what is God’s will for Christian marriage for now. When we talk about God’s will it means His plan for Christian marital life. This implies the world has its plan and yardstick for marriage. While God has a prototype Christians must follow when it comes to marriage.

The Bible is explicit enough about what is the will of God for Christian marriage. God’s will for any of His children is that a Christian should marry another Christian. It will be obvious to you as you come along with me in this session while as we explore the will of God for marriage.

First, His will is that you accept the fact that God instituted marriage. It is therefore not surprising that Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding John 2:1-11. The Bible gave reasons why God instituted marriage in  Genesis 2:18. It is, therefore, the will of God that you get married.

Second, it is the will of God that Christian marriage should produce something that is good. This implies the two people coming together should connect and complement each other in their walk with God and other aspects of life. Now, it goes to say that any marriage that produces bitterness, regret and pain is a bad one and this defeats God’s ultimate purpose.

Another will of God to know is that marriage for Christians must be between a male and a female.  God nowhere in the Bible gave approval of marriage consummated between two people of equal sex. It is always between a man and a woman.

Therefore, as a Christian youth, it is the will of God that you marry a man if you are a woman and vice versa. This purpose of God does not change with changes in human ideology or principle, no matter how globally acceptable it is. In magnetic principle like pole repels while unlike pole attracts.  What happened to the principle of procreation by God if we claim to be in the era of freedom and we can now have a marriage of same sex?

You expected to remain married until death. This is God’s will for you. God would have created more than one woman out of Adam if it was his will for him to have more than one woman. Despite the fact that people in the old testament sometimes marry more than one wife. Jesus explained clearly God’s will concerning marriage in Matthew 19:1-12.This means in Christian marriage there shouldn’t be divorce.  Though, Jesus took exception to marital infidelity. But even at that I strongly believe where there is a genuine love door of repentance should still be opened for a repentant erring spouse. So, while going into marriage accept that it is a point of no return.

One other thing to know about God’s will for Christian marriage is leaving and cleaving Genesis 2:24. Marriage carried along with it lots of benefits and a great responsibility. In fact, two people are involved in marriage responsibility. In any successful Christian marriage, the right of the couple is entrenched in each other. Once married, you can’t do whatever you like without taking your partner into consideration. Sometimes, you’re to forfeit certain things that you enjoy doing personally. At times, you’ll break a certain relationship with some friends and relationship to keep your home. You will now adopt new ways of life. You will now adopt new ways of life that were not ordinarily in tandem with your style.

Furthermore, marriage is always between two imperfect people. This is God’s will for marriages. Most marriages, including Christian marriages, failed because both parties in the relationship fail to accept this truth.You are in that relation to compliment the weakness of the other person. There is no such thing as perfect man or woman. The statement of God when he looked at the man shows that something important is missing. Interestingly, God wants you to partner with Him to perfect that person. Genesis 2:18.

God’s will is that marriage should be between two human beings and not with animal Leviticus18:23. The man has been with various animals including gorillas, monkeys, and chimpanzees that look like him. Yet Adam saw something unique about  Eve, he confirms this in his statement. Listen to him.

And Adam said:”This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman Because she was taken out of Man.” Genesis 2:23 NKJV. This type of compliment was not made by Adam about any animal before then.

For instance, if a man is married to a dog what will their offspring be called?  The offspring of man is called baby and that of a dog is called puppy. I leave the answer to your imagination.

Equally, another will of God for marriage is for both parties to enjoy intimacy through sex. Sex is good, Holy and healthy. God ordained sex and it is part of the marriage package. However, sexual practice and enjoyment should only be in a marital relationship. God created both sexual arousal within the natures of every human being. And the right way to express this is through sex. Therefore, married couple should desire, cherish and enjoy sex.This is God’s will for marriage.

Marriage is also a channel of procreation. God could populate the world of creation, but he chose to do that through marriage and sex as a channel.

In addition to that, God wants his children to also bear children.  Marriage is one way God wants you to procreate. And he has delegated you to do this for him on earth through marriage.However, you could choose not to have children. But,  it must be the consent of two of you. Matthew 19: 11-12. Else, you refrain from marrying. But once you agreed to marry, you’re to prepare for the responsibility that comes along with childbearing.

Finally, Marriage issue should not confuse you. Rather, He wants you to be concern about who to marry. God’s will is good and profitable but you’re to make your choice of who you’ll marry. Though He will be willing to guide you if you’ll allow Him.

%name Knowing Gods Will For Christian Marriage

Author: Joseph Akinrinola

Joseph Akinrinola is a Pastor, Sunday school management coach, author, blogger, and a motivational speaker.

Joseph created this blog to help young Christians establish their
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