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Unbelievable Lessons Jezebel Teaches Christian Women

Darkness thrives in the absence of light. If you don’t have something to offer, then don’t criticize the existing idea. In my usual manner of drawing the positive from the negative, in this post, I will deliver into your hand unbelievable lessons Jezebel teaches Christian women.
Almost everybody regarded Jezebel as the most dreaded of all women in the Old Testament times. Since every one of us will make an impact whether positive or negative is another thing. It then implies we are the sole determinant of how we both influence others, or others influence us.
Perhaps you don’t understand why I always celebrate my wife openly and consider myself one of the fortunate men on earth. The answer is simple. Let your wife follow these lessons Jezebel teaches women and you will thank me for it.
As a Christian sister planning to get married, practice these tips and I guarantee you’ll be the toast, not only of your husband but also of his family and friends. Interestingly, most homes are in decline because the supposed Christian wife there failed in these all-important virtues.
Mind you, the power to influence whether the positive or negative is the same. So, you can discard, disdain and discountenance all the evil parts of this Jezebel, but never fail to celebrate and imbibe these lessons jezebel teaches whether you are a Christian.
Follow me as I x-ray unbeatable characters of Jezebel that makes my wife a darling.
1. She was an influence: The first and major work of the first woman (Eve) and by implication of every woman is that of influence and compliment Genesis 2. Homes are devastating today because Christian women have failed in this regard.
Though, the worship of Jehovah was in vogue before Ahab married Jezebel. But, she turned the table around through her influence. Did I hear you say negatively? Yes. You can influence your spouse positively. But, you say she did that through witchcraft. You can do your own through “prayer craft”, “wisdom craft.” You still remember what Nabal’s wife did with her kneel. “Knee craft.” Beersheba secured the throne for Solomon. “Wisdom craft.”
Bad news pervades our airwaves and web sphere because we Christian fails to spread the real good news. Jezebel wedged so much power to change the religious, political and social landscape of Judah in her favor. Are you surprised? Don’t we have women governors, senators, and leaders of nations and head of multinationals today? It is no contention that their actions or reaction will have a great impact on the society economically, socially, religiously and politically. You can arise as Deborah and Esther of your home, church, and community as well.
As a Christian woman, you can influence your husband that he will rarely take any decision without your input. Though, I am not talking about dominating him like Jezebel. Deborah carries enough auras to influence Barak to stardom. This is what every Christian woman should be.

  1. She was a psychologist:  You ask which university she graduated from in Jerusalem, Judah, U.S.A., Britain or Germany? That was one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to every Christian. If you don’t know. That word psychology, translated from Greek means theory or study of the mind. Jezebel taught this profound lesson through her behavior.
    Her husband came back home dejected because Naboth refuses to let him have his garden. She can interpret her husband mood immediately. What a wise woman. One of the reasons men die before their wives most times is because of bottled emotions. You know men seldom weep, but most women weep at the slightest discomfort, failure, and disappointment. This tear releases the emotions, hence they live longer, but if a man is dying of the major challenges, he will still smile and say “it is well”.
    A man has received the worst battering of his life from his boss in the office. The client also insulted him. Heavy traffic held him down for hours, and still with no cash as compensation for the day’s labor. Such a man should at least have solace in an understanding wife. But if the man returns from work to a nagging wife, then, frustration and death are imminent.
    Jezebel could read the mood of her husband because of the intimate relationship. Spouses should be able to predict themselves. This woman knew her husband so well that she identifies something is wrong with him. This is one of the lessons jezebel teaches Christian that unlocks the heart of any man.
    For instance, if I have a burden in my heart no matter how I try to disguise, it will only take my wife three minutes to decode the content of my mind. This is one area she resembles Jezebel. If all women cultivate, this lesson Jezebel teaches women the better for our world.
    3. Jezebel was a strategist: See the detail of how she got Naboth killed 1kings 21:8-13. If not for God we wouldn’t have known Jezebel was behind the death of Naboth. A good woman knows how to manage her home with limited resources available. She takes good decisions on behalf of her husband for the benefit of her family.
    Part of the strategies Jezebel teaches women are; you can get the (good) job done by others. This is effective management. Godliness dictates you actualize great things for God and your family without desiring public applause. No limit to what we can achieve if we care less about who gets the credit.
    Godly women, though responsible for the success, present their husband as the brain behind the success. A look at her plot “set Naboth on a high place”, perhaps she had studied Naboth’s disposition to position and title. Though, he will decline selling his vineyard but will grab any position of authority.

You know everyone has a price tag. I mean everyone has what excited or pissed him off. Happy and wise is a woman that uses this key to keep her home.
Give a man what he wants and you can be sure of getting the best from him. Most women lack this key Jezebel uses negatively. Can you still remember the wife of Nabal (Abigail)? 1 Samuel 25:1-38. That was the strategy that saved her family. Abigail studied and understood the right and wrong time to speak to her husband.
Most women who complained about the uncaring attitude of their husband probably failed in their approach. Esther not only saved her family but her people through this strategy Esther 5&7. You will be an amazing woman if you use these lessons Jezebel teaches women.
4. She used her natural endowments: Most people called her a prostitute. Yet, I have not come across any Bible passage that confirms this. Perhaps, most people see idolatry and sexual perversion as twin sisters. Still, no record of her infidelity to her husband 2 Kings 9:30. In fact, her beauty might have been one of the charms she used on Ahab.
Unfortunately, some Christian women give little or no attention to their physical appearance once they get married or have one or two kids. Such women believe their husband cannot marry another woman because he is a Christian. But, they’ve forgotten these men come across myriads of both young and old charming ladies dailies. Jezebel even after the demise of her husband and the imminent judgment through Jehu she maintained her beauty
So, Christian women should manage their inner and outward beauty to the adoration of their spouse, kids, and young ladies who see them as a model.
5. Jezebel was bold: Sometimes boldness can achieve some things faith can achieve. I wouldn’t be wrong to say boldness is one mark or sign of faith. This young philistine soldier and Jezebel were not children of God, yet they put to flight, a great prophet, and the army of Israel, the people of God 1 Samuel 4:5-11, 1 King 19:1-4.
One of the characters every man looks for in a lady to marry is self-confidence. This reflected in the statement of Jezebel to Elijah and sullen Ahab. A good woman should be bold enough to defend her husband before her relative. She should be able to maintain discipline at home for the children in the absence of the father. Also, be able to keep the church together wherever possible. As well keeps the company running whenever the husband is indisposed or not available to discharge his duty or given the opportunity to do so.
Without much ado, Jezebel has proved to serve her constituency well. These include her immediate family, her religious loyalist, and god. Though, she achieved all these through crooked means.

Christian women who have a better way of achieving the same feat should go all out to become the toast of their husband and their generation.
Can you mention any other lessons Jezebel teaches Christian women? Do you know any contemporary woman that uses these virtues to their advantage? Please don’t leave without adding your comment. Also, like my page and share this on your preferred social network.

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