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Miscellaneous - January 17, 2019

My Candidate For The 2019 Presidential Election And Why You Should Vote For Him.


Nigeria needs a visionary leader who will see beyond oil.  We need leaders that will diversify the economy and not wait for monthly allocation to run the affairs of the state. That is my candidate for the 2019 presidential election. My candidate will not only plan for the future but ensure the present does not suffer. He will achieve this through completion of viable projects by his predecessor. With that, he will not waste the country’s resources. Part of the pedigree of my candidate for the 2019 election is his ability to draw executable plans. He will also groom tomorrow’s leaders today who would not derail the progress train of the nation .Genesis 41.

Before I continue, I am not a politician and I will not be one. So I have none political affiliation. I am just a concern Nigerian. I believe in this country and wish her well.

Who is this my candidate and why should you vote for him?

  1. He has zero tolerance for corruption. Genesis 37:22, Genesis 39:7-12My candidate hates corruption with passion. If you remove corruption in Nigeria political and administrative system, you’ve created a new order. Corruption is getting something for nothing. It is corruption when you divert public funds for your personal use. Corruption is in various forms and shades. An example is manipulations in employment, appointment and the award of a contract. So if you love Nigeria, choose from the pack of politician a man allergic to corruption. How do you know this? Check his private and public track records. Find out how upright they were when they served in various capacities as a leader
  2. He is a leader who is not vindictive: Genesis 50:15-21. The politicians have this saying “there is permanent friend or enemy in politics”. That means a political foe today can be a political ally tomorrow. The rate of political cross carpeting can attest to this. My candidate will not use his political office to take a personal vendetta or settle personal or political scores. But my candidate is someone who sees beyond the wrong done to him in the past. He is a man that will learn from the unjust or perceive maltreatment in the past to draw new strength to be a better leader. My proposed candidate for the 2019 presidential elections is a man who sees the handwriting of God in every situation. And he believes God has a purpose for everything He allowed. To him, today’s bad experience may be a blessing in disguise so cast your vote for him. Joseph replied to his brothers “But as for you, you meant evil against me” Genesis 50:20. A true leader forgives. My candidate is a man of fair play. My candidate will not support nepotism, religious and tribal sentiment because these beliefs have done more evil to Nigeria than good. Any leader that is worth his position will accord all citizens equal rights irrespective of their religion, tribal, political, financial status. Fair play breed trust and trust engendered unity and peace. When we talk about fair play, it behooves on the president of the country to have gender consideration.

That means the youths, and the women will have a prime place in the nation’s administration. Also, my candidate for the 2019 presidential election will accord the minorities class their right.


Though it may not be equal for now yet, I see my choice for the 2019 presidential election as someone who gives everyone a plain level ground for every Nigerian to showcase his or her potential for the benefit of the nation.

  1. He is accountable: Genesis 39:6, 39:21-23. 2Kings 12:12. What brings progress to any nation is when her leaders account for their actions. Watch out for probity in my preferred would- be president among those jostling for the position. He has shown accountability to God, the constitution and the people before and he will do it again. He knew God is the reason for his existence. And, only God that can give him that slot. With such feeling, he knew he will stand to give an account to God on the last day. Apart from that, he knew the so-called immunity clause in the constitution would last as long as he remains in the office. But once he lives office, he would accountable to the same constitution how he manages the account of the nation. In the same way, he knew he would return to live among the citizen again when he is no longer in power. Among the candidate, check for a candidate who has or would be bold enough to declare his assets before the appropriate commission.
  2. He is a man of Ideology: Anyone that cannot stand for something will fall for everything. Check both the American and British political landscape you’ll see two major political parties since the start of their political carrier. Rarely do you see politicians in these countries crossing from one political party to others. Why? They are people of ideology. But most politicians in our country are driven by selfish ambition rather than ideology. They are never men of principle. Therefore, they move to any party that will accommodate their selfish ambition. But if you want a better Nigeria, pitch your tent with my candidate who has been consistency in his political carrier. You ask me who he is. Please, peruse the credentials of all those vying for the presidency and you’ll discover he stood out of the crowd. People of integrity and ideology stick to their party no matter how many times they lose elections. Their reason is they have something to offer the nation, and that is the ideology that drives their action. So they find it difficult to switch party because it will be at variance with their principle.
  3. My man is a man of empathy: Genesis 40:6-7. When you see a political leader fulfilling his electioneering promises, he is a man of empathy. This is a man who will care for the people’s need. This will be possible because he understood the citizen problems. He has lived within his means so he knew what lack and contentment means.

Thanks for following me this far you wonder why I have not mentioned the name of my candidate for the 2019 presidential election in Nigeria. Yes, I did that on purpose. Why? Because you can’t be a judge in your own case. It enough of noise and deceit let us talk about issues that concern the well-being of the Nigerian. So if you’re a Nigerian or love Nigeria, look for the leadership qualities in a candidate that will take Nigeria from the wilderness to the Promised Land. When you find such person among the contenders, cast your vote for him. I’ll see you at the other side election victory come May 29th, 2019.

 Perhaps, you think I omitted qualities that will make a president a darling to Nigerian share with the world in the count box.

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