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Proverb6:32; Matthew 5:28;2samuel13:1-29

One sin that devastates people’s physically, emotionally, and spiritually quickly is the sin of immorality. I know it is a spiritual battle that has overtime in history and contemporary life defeated the best of men. One major skill at firefighting is to be able to focus and aim at the base of the fire and remove or disable the source. So, one major key to lock out immorality is  “watchfulness”

1- Watch what you watch– If I ask you to describe your elementary school compound to me now, you are surely not going to have a problem with that because the diagram sticks to your brain. You may not be able to prevent the citing of a provocative billboard in public places but you could choose how to watch them. Your TV, cables. Magazines are the channel of immorality. May I say here that the problem is the seeing but the looking. Each day you turn on your TV, go to work or church would have met several people if I ask you how many people you saw today on your way? You will not be able to count them but some striking events like a burning house, an accident and a criminal caught will readily come to your mind because you took time to watch,

So, watching pornographic items in any form or guise will surely lead you to this sin of sexual depravity. Such medium includes TV, cables magazine, and billboard. Also some personal items like clothes, bedspread, wallpaper screensavers for our phones etc.

2- Watch what you hear– Whether through discussions or musical lyrics. The evil report brought by the other spies that went to spy the land spell doom for that generation. Once Peter said”I go fishing” everyone fell for it. Words have a way of influencing our thought and decision. So keep away from sexually induced musicals and discussion.

3– Watch your company– Bird of feather flock together they say. Remember you cannot sleep on the lap of Delilah and hope to wake up on the bosom of Abraham. Immediately I gave my life to Christ I changed most of my friends also was cautious about my female friends. I resigned from the social clubs I belonged to as the general secretary.

Amon had a glorious destiny but bad company truncated that. The effect of that one counsel from Jonadab affected Tamar’s marital life and destiny. It also kills Amon and made both Absalom and his mercenary a murderer. Keeping your distance from people who talks, encourage, practice or induce you with sexual perversion. Evil communication corrupt good manner they say. Rehoboam would have kept David’s dynasty intact if not for the ungodly counsel of his companion.

4- Watch your thought– Every action is preceded by, thought. The combination of your sight and what you is what you process in your mind. The mind is so secretive that you can have an unholy thought right before the altar during church service. So, if your thinking is uncontrollably perverted you’ll soon be cut in the web of immorality.

5- Watch what you keep– If your room is filled with sinful materials it is only a matter of time before you find yourself in the Devil’s pit. Quickly remove sexually decorated bedspread, pillowcase, towel, pictures, magazines, and CDs items and replace them with spiritually inspired items that are available in various shape sizes, and color. And you can be sure they will equally inspire you.

6- Watch where you go– A story was told of a Christian lady who followed her unbelieving friend to a club. After she had rejected various boys who had invited her to dance with them. One of them then ask her for her rejection she replied “ I am a Christian” then the young man replied, “if you are a Christian what then are you are doing here”.

This implies that as a Christian there are certain places you must not be found. Being in the wrong place and at the wrong time landed David in a serious trouble of adultery and murder.

Ensure you are selective in the party you attend. Avoid attending cinemas and shows that are ungodly.

Like any therapy, watchfulness is still the best prevention to falling into the sin of immorality. However, it takes deliberate determined and consistent action to remain on top of the situation.


Author: Joseph Akinrinola

Joseph Akinrinola is a Pastor, Sunday school management coach, author, blogger, and a motivational speaker.

Joseph created this blog to help young Christians establish their
feet in Christ, and to provide Biblical time-tested answers to life’s
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