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Christian living - January 8, 2019

The Other Side Of Dino Melaye’s Ordeal You Can’t Find In The Media

I am not a politician, and I won’t become one. Yet I haven’t condemned any politician. In fact, I encourage Christians to join politics if they are convinced to do so. For sometimes, Dino Melaye has made the news headlines for various reasons, but there is the other side of Dino Melaye’s ordeal you can’t find in the media. Before I moved on I am neither an APC nor PDP member. So, my write up about the other side of Dino Melaye’s ordeal has no political undertone. Besides that, I am not celebrating the Kogi politician or applauding the police or security agents’ activities on him. But, unusually, the Holy Spirit gives me inspiration about issue writes on. So I will share these few lessons you can learn from the recent police siege on Dino Melaye’s residence and his eventual surrender. Join me as the Holy Spirit teaches us about God, our frailty and futility of life.

  1. All power belongs to God. That God is powerful will be an understatement. But all power belong to God will be the truth. Apart from God, the only institution or entity that exercises enormous power is the government. Unlike the police that claimed to have received a court injunction to arrest an investigate Dino Melaye, God does not need your approval or that of anybody for that matter to deal with you or me. For instance, it took days and several attempts for the senator to surrender but with God, he has your life in his hand and can take it at will so you better watch how you relate with me. Unlike Melaye who gained sometimes to drum support from the people who took the case to court. Or other sympathizers who condemn the activities of the security agents but with God, you may not live to tell the story. God need not run before he captures you. And with God, no enough supporter or witnesses can for you before Him apart from the Lord Jesus.
  2. There is no illegality with God: The other side of Dino Melaye’s ordeal involves legality or illegality. While people sympathize with the senator, others applauded the police. In fact, the High court sitting in Abuja upheld that the police can keep vigil at Melaye’s residence until he surrenders for an arrest. In Melaye’s case his legal team can file an appeal and claim damages for unlawful detention and arrest perhaps he could win however with God, which court will you take him to and who will be your solicitor? Non I guess except Jesus. But if you’re not in the good book of Jesus consider your case lost, unlike the Melaye’s case where you need a defense lawyer, witness, and evidence, spiritually in Melaye’s ordeal God is the judge in his own case. Thus, you stand no chance of winning the case because the statement of your interest holds no water.
  3. You only have today: Several events on earth teach us some lessons if we learn. Human life, power, authority, the position is limited to now. So if you have today used it well to serve God and humanity. They have treated the respected and honored senator like any other citizens. Of course, we are equal before God. But how many great people admit that and live that way, perhaps if Dino Melayes has abused his power by using the same security agents to humiliate others this other side of his ordeal will be a reminder to that. The former head of state and later the president, Olusegum Obasnjo was waiting for the hangman’s noose or firing squad from the then head of state, General Sanni Abacha but, the table turned and the General died before him. One lesson from the other side of Dino Melaye’s ordeals is events turn. Whether it turns in your favor or isn’t another thing, but the truth is what goes round comes round. Therefore, think twice as you use your position.

4. Do you have anything to thank God for? When I begin to write about the other side of Dino Melaye ordeals, you will be wrong to look at all the negative aspect? My observation is still subject to verification. Also, any other person or I have no reason to rejoice about the misfortune of another person. Don’t forget he may be a victim of political persecution. So whether he deserves, such treatment is subject to long legal and political debate. But this is my observation; most rich or influential people have a form of a serious ailment or the other like any other poor people. My question is this; despite your inability to eat well or the so call balance diet do you have any reason to thank God for your health and that of your family? Hear what the bible says “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all” Ecclesiastes 9:11(KJV)

. Can you take a minute and say thank you God for this and this and that God has done for you on your health and that of your family? If you consider the mention scripture, we can see a relation with that of the other side of Dino Melaye’s ordeal. Meaning the rich also cry.

  1. The world is not about you: Since the ordeal of Melaye, no friend is so good and close that will go into the cell with him. Or a dear friend or colleague that will offer to replace him in the cell because of ill health. No! Guess what? The world continues. And in a few weeks, the elections begin with or without him. Friends, while you are in that position, do the best you could honorably. Mind you no matter what you do, there will be praises and criticism but when the chips are down, it will remain your loyalty to God.

To the political gladiator jostling for new or renew position the other side of Dino Melaye’s ordeal is not all about him but food for thought. Perhaps you are not a politician are you learning anything from the surrounding events? You can maneuver the law of the country to suit yourself now, but a time is coming when all human laws and God’s law will be the yardstick for judgment. Are you set for that? Did you see anything in this post about the other side of Dino Melaye’s ordeal that appeals to you? Let me hear your view in the comment section.



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