Must Have Personality Qualities That Will Make Any Lady to Say I Do To You

                        .Genesis 2:24, Psalms 101, Proverb 1:1-4; 18:25, Ephesians 4:31-32

Every lady has their personality qualities they look for in a guy they wish to marry. Just like men, Christian ladies are equally selective in the choice of their man.These personality qualities act as a force of attraction to female folks and give them assurance of a better future with such a man.Continue reading


Truth About Buried Talent Your Pastor Never Told You As A Young Christian

There is a little-known truth about buried talent that pastors really talk to youth about today in an attempt to make them feel good so they can retain them. Our churches would become more vibrant if youths understand the grave implication of unused or underutilized talent. I will be exposing some of these truths using one of the profound parables of Jesus about the kingdom. This is the parable of the talent.Matthew 25:26-30.Continue reading

Super Easy Ways For Talent Development To Fulfill Your Purpose


If you are looking for a super easy way for talent development I am here to show you some proven methods. Developing your talent should not be that difficult if you’re determined and could follow a simple, proven method Just like an athlete champion are not made in the ring but in the gym. Your talent is like a muscle the more you use and exercise it the more it gives you.
I call this way easy because they are the method not far fetched. They include the following

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Discovering Your Talent Through This Incredibly Simple Question

If you are having a hard time knowing what you are created for to be and fulfilled in life and ministry, then ask this incredibly simple talent discovery questions. Talent is your natural inbuilt ability to do certain things seamlessly. God’s given talents and ability is meant for fulfilling your purpose on earth, which makes your life simpler. Few of these talent discovery question are highlighted below.
Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.  1 Peter 4:10-11       NIV

1. What do you find yourself talking about? The bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.One of the talent discovery tip is what occupy our discussion with friends We are always eager in discussing or talking about what concerns us, poses a problem, or excites us. If we talk most times about football, for instance, your gifted area is sport generally and football specifically, whether as a writer, commentator or participant. Continue reading


How Can a Young Christian Rejoice In Trial And Tribulation

In a time like this rejoicing in trial and temptation is an issue young Christian find difficult to come to term with. One message you seldom hear from our pulpit today or found among CD’s in our homes is on reality of challenges of life. Most Christians especially youth love prosperity messages that guarantees a life without challenges. But is that all to the gospel?

How then can a young Christian maintain his cool during the storm of life?

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Proverb6:32; Matthew 5:28;2samuel13:1-29

One sin that devastates people’s physically, emotionally, and spiritually quickly is the sin of immorality. I know it is a spiritual battle that has overtime in history and contemporary life defeated the best of men. One major skill at firefighting is to be able to focus and aim at the base of the fire and remove or disable the source. So, one major key to lock out immorality is  “watchfulness”Continue reading

Woman Depressed



The best way to answer the question where is God when I hurt? Is to first answer the question of where was He when it was fine with me? If I believe He was with me and answer prayers though I do not see or feel Him then, I should also be confidence he is still with me now!Continue reading