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Relationship - May 12, 2017

Must Have Personality Qualities That Will Make Any Lady to Say I Do To You

                        .Genesis 2:24, Psalms 101, Proverb 1:1-4; 18:25, Ephesians 4:31-32

Every lady has their personality qualities they look for in a guy they wish to marry. Just like men, Christian ladies are equally selective in the choice of their man.These personality qualities act as a force of attraction to female folks and give them assurance of a better future with such a man.


1. Fear of God: No serious Christian lady will like to marry any man who merely professed to be a Christian. His daily walk and word must match. This is the only bond she has that the marriage will work.

2. Care and love: You cannot afford to miss this personality quality if you want to be the darling of any lady. Knowing fully well that women like to be pampered and cherished both publicly and privately. Ladies believes love is active and not passive. The way you talk to them, about them and react to them is a reflection of your love.

3. Respect their opinion: A lady will fall for you if her opinion counts in your decision making. Female folks believe their idea must be respected. At times they’ll love to have the final say on issues that concerns both of you. They believe they have something upstairs to offer and they must be treated so.

4. Be a good listener: If you miss this personality quality then you can kiss your relationship goodbye. Talking is one of the feminist characters so you must be a good listener. Usually, men are economical with words while women are liberal. So, you must be a man that will listen to the details. In fact, ladies will adore you if you give your ear to whatever they want to say and wouldn’t want to be interrupted when pouring out their mind. Never assume you know what they want to say even when it is obvious.

5. You must be in control: Females detest weakling for a man as such they expect you to be firm, take a decision and be ready to defend it. Generally, ladies have this notion that a real man is bold, daring and self-confident. Though this trait is however not synonymous with pride and arrogance.

6. Be available for her: Nothing pissed up ladies more than failure to create time for them. Constantly a woman would always want to be in touch with her spouse in person or online so she could to be top on her spouse’s priority list. And the way to prove this is your availability to her always.

7. Honesty: If you’ll miss any personality qualities don’t miss this. You don’t necessarily need to be boring and perfectly predictable but let your yes be yes and your no to be no. Though this does not tally with some tradition and culture but this must be seen in Christians whose standard of living is dictated by the Bible.Surely honesty covers appointment, money, friendship, past history, present and future plans. And once you able to handle this you’ll be the toast of your partner. As your word becomes your fidelity.

8. Humorous: Don’t be too serious about everything. Because your facial expression has a lot to say about your person and ladies will be attracted to you if you look happy and humorous.  Even though appearance can be deceptive. Learn to crack jokes, laugh, make them laugh, light up their emotion and you can be sure the woman will love you for it. It is good personality qualities to able to easy a woman’s burden just as they will do to you.

9. Presentable: Who doesn’t like a good thing? Women love the cool, calm, and charming guy they can be proud of publicly. Indeed as a child of God, you don’t need to break a bank to look good. in as much as you dress neatly and with a good haircut, that will be okay.You know women love to show off, so be their pride.

10. Defense: you can as well forget it if you don’t have the wherewithal to take care of a woman’s financial, emotional and physical needs.  A woman who loves to see his man demonstrate the “macho” man he’s made of in the face of challenges. Financially, you must have a means to provide for her basic needs.


1-Do you possess these personality qualities?

2- What practical steps are you willing to take to measure up?

If I miss any other point in this article, please add them in the comment box below.

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Author: Joseph Akinrinola

Joseph Akinrinola is a Pastor, Sunday school management coach, author, blogger, and a motivational speaker.

Joseph created this blog to help young Christians establish their
feet in Christ, and to provide Biblical time-tested answers to life’s
questions about relationship, christian living and personal development.


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