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All Important Personality Traits That Will Make Guys Fall For You.

Do you want to know major personality traits that will make guys fall for you? Do you possess that which turn men on and be willing to do anything to have you? Irrespective of the number of ladies hanging around you can be the toast of all men. Read on!

Ephesian 5:22, Proverb 14:1;31:10

1. God fearing: First of all, any man would love to marry a God fearing woman, though he is not God fearing. This is why unbelievers sometimes pretend so they can have a wife in the church. They know it saves them a lot of heart and head ache.

2. Chastity: Admittedly, virginity is no more in vogue today yet, most guys will do anything to have your hand in marriage if they discover you are intact. Even when you are no longer a virgin keep yourself from sexual pollution as a Christian.

3. Conformist: Similarly, no man will appreciate a robot for a wife because every guy expects you to have your own mind on every issue. Expectedly, compromise is expected in every relationship. Notwithstanding, you are to proof you are intelligent enough to engage your partner in meaningful discussion and decision making. In other words, your view counts, it may even save the day. Remember decision by anyone of you have an effect on the entire family.

4. Industrious: No thanks to a full-time housewife or sit at home mother any longer. Any man will appreciate you if you are diligent but will see you as a burden if you are lazy and unproductive. This has nothing to do with your choosing careers as long as you strive to have this among other personality traits.

5. Modesty: Moreover, in addition to other personality traits Christian men are looking for a lady who dresses modestly. There is nothing wrong in being fashionable and at the same time nobody will patronize you if you are old stock either. In addition to that if you wear make-up it should not be too loud. Moreso, when you use jewelry it should be moderate.

6. Intelligent: One personality trait that a man will expect his wife to have is intelligence. You must be seen to be able to take a decision on every case. It is expected to be a think tank in conjunction with the man.A good woman must be able to take a wise decision on behalf of the family and this will make the man cherish her.

7. Prudence: If there is any personality trait a man will applaud in a woman it is prudence. You have to prove you can manage money and other resources discreetly. Moreso, a prudent lady must be able to manage the little at her disposal to meet the family’s need as a good manager.

8. Accommodating: Men in general love beauty ladies that is also accommodating. Your guy will like you if you radiate friendliness to people around you because people find it pleasurable to stay around you because you radiate joy. Men be attracted to you with this trait.

9. Daring: In addition to other traits, a woman will be appreciated if she is daring as she will be seen by the as a compliment. With this in mind, women are created to compliment men in every area. Your ability to spur your man in every area will be the Biblical fulfillment of a helper.Men will give charming response if you are the type that can spur people to action. The man will believe this personality attributes will move him and the family from their comfort zone. This will give them the ability to break new frontiers.

10. Respect: Furthermore, the personality trait that most men will not joke with is if you show respect to his family. The man believes if you respect his family you’ll respect him and this preserves his ego before his friends and family.


Conclusively, those mentioned personality traits are enough to make a man not to put off his face from you, consequently, if you work on your flaws and develop these virtues and be the demand of men.


1-Do you have what it takes for guys to run after you?

2-If you lack these qualities, what efforts will you put up to develop such traits?

If I miss any other point in this article, please add them in the comment box below.

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