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Personal Developement - April 28, 2017

Amazing Transformational Potency of Talent Deployment You Never Imagined

You may not have imagined the amazing transformational potency of talent deployment to you and the world around you until you read this. I will be leveraging on the 2017 Sunday school week program of Gofamint (my church) to expatiate on this all-important issue to the youth who are the future of both the world and the church.

Benefits of Talent Deployment to the Church

 God created you and factored talent development mechanism needed to make an impact in the world both for your benefit. Follow me as we explore this inexhaustible investment of God in you.

1. Your talent has a great impact on the church-Look around you no one else can do things exactly like you. This is why no two people having the same fingerprint. When you consider the rudder of a ship, a small switch controlling the lighting of a 150,000 capacity stadium, or a pinch of salt in a pot of soup, and few drops of kerosene in a drum of water their impact is obvious though small.Talent deployment might seem simple but the effect could be massive.

 Your talent is needed in the church, community to complete the circle of fulfillment of God’s purpose no matter how small they are. The disciples with all the grace and anointing lack of administrative gift almost split the church. Your education, technical know-how, your influence go a long way. Can you still remember how Naaman’s house girl changed his story? 2King 5:1-19.

2-You partner with God in accomplishing his vision for the Church Romans 12:4-8. Your talent deployment with other in the church makes the church healthier, stronger, deeper and warmer.

How does each Christian deployed and synergies with others to influence the church and the world? A gifted evangelist preaches the word to sinners for repentance, the pastor preaches so the new convert gets to know God’s plan for him here and hereafter. The follow-up and visitation group keep the trail of the new convert until he’s established. To ensure the circle of talent deployment is not broken the Sunday school teacher teaches the word deeply and systematically until this new member becomes a disciple. Meanwhile, as this is going on the prayer teams are committing the soul of this new friend to the hand of God for genuine salvation. Supporting this chains of action are people who meet the financial and physical need of this new fellow in the Lord.

A chain breaks at its weakest point. Talent deployment is like a link in the chain if you break your part as a result of your indifference or you completely abandoned them the whole system suffers.

3-The world becomes a better place- So there was great joy in that city. Acts 8:8 NIV and that confirms what Jesus said in Luke 15:7

The gift of Phillip in Samaria delivered the people from the power of evil practiced by Simon. If a Christian deployed his talent so well in the campus, workplace, neighborhood etc. He can change the negative norms in practice before; work ethics can be changed also. Read what Nebuchadnezzar said when the three Hebrew boys stood their ground for the only true God. Therefore I decree that the people of any nation or language who say anything against the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego be cut into pieces and their houses be turned into piles of rubble, for no other god can save in this way.” Daniel 3:29 NIV.

Benefits of Talent Deployment to the Church

4. It changes your status- In the management of any sort your status changes in proportion to the change in your talent deployment.If you prove your worth in your choosing skill and gift that will naturally lead to deployment for a greater responsibility. Peter and John knew as fishermen were almost taken for a scholar when they displayed skill in the word of God with boldness Acts 4:13.

When Philip display his talent in administration and management his status changed to an evangelist and this rubs off on her family Acts 21:8-9. Hear what the Bible says A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great. Proverb 18:16NIV

When you put your talents, skill, ability to work the world will keep looking for you and your services(s). This most times will translate to tangible blessing for your fulfillment. Joseph and Daniel utilized their gift and led to their promotion and physical blessing. Joseph by his father’s trade would naturally have ended up a livestock farmer. But, discovery, development, and deployment of his talent landed him in the gold mine of becoming a prime minister.

I am an interpreter and striving to improve daily. Some time ago my senior pastor’s wife asks me to translate a seminar paper for her. Within a short time, I was through with the job. At home, she mentioned me as the one who translated the work. This impressed her husband who now ask me to translate a set of books for an international organization. Though, I was just doing the translation as leisure only for him to send money to my account that met my needs at that time.

However, the transformational process of your talent becoming a blessing to you, the Church, and the world takes time. If you are a singer sing well. As teacher teach well. Whatever your call is to do it as if the world and eternity depended on it.  Sooner you’ll plant your feet in the sand of history. Romans 12:6-8; I Peter 4:10-11

The beauty of gold will come out when it’s made to pass through the fire. Your talent may not blossom overnight but as you use it more grace is released unto you and you become better by the day. Joseph was doing this at every opportunity. We find out Joseph was diligent at work in his father’s house, at Portiphar’s house, and in the prison. This eventually paid off when he got to the presence of pharaoh. When he humbly took that job faithfully the talent of an evangelist in him emerges. This eventually wrote his name in gold among New Testament personality.

Your talent deployment result will be obvious such that people will affirm you’ve been with Jesus.  This will result to a positive change in your environment. By the time Phillip left Samaria he left behind trails of spiritual revival and great joy. Yours cannot be an exception if you channel your talent properly



• Can you list out some blessing you’ve received as a result of others deploying their talent?

• Can you identify areas you need to deploy your talent for the benefit of others?

• What practical steps will you take now to deploy your talent so you fulfill life and destiny?

If I miss any other point in this article, please add them in the comment box below.

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Author: Joseph Akinrinola

Joseph Akinrinola is a Pastor, Sunday school management coach, author, blogger, and a motivational speaker.

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  1. Talents deposited in you by God are meant to be used.
    There are two things in talent deployment
    1.when you deploy your talents, you will be happy that you have contributed your own quota in the agenda of God to humanity.
    2. You will help others to fulfill their destinies through the deployment of your own talent.

    Sir God bless you for this write up its indeed inspiring.

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