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Christian living - April 15, 2017

Discovering Your Talent Through This Incredibly Simple Question

If you are having a hard time knowing what you are created for to be and fulfilled in life and ministry, then ask this incredibly simple talent discovery questions. Talent is your natural inbuilt ability to do certain things seamlessly. God’s given talents and ability is meant for fulfilling your purpose on earth, which makes your life simpler. Few of these talent discovery question are highlighted below.
Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.  1 Peter 4:10-11       NIV

1. What do you find yourself talking about? The bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.One of the talent discovery tip is what occupy our discussion with friends We are always eager in discussing or talking about what concerns us, poses a problem, or excites us. If we talk most times about football, for instance, your gifted area is sport generally and football specifically, whether as a writer, commentator or participant.

2. Talents can also be discovered if we ask the question of what can people applaud you for? If people who surround you keep telling you we are good in a particular area. If the tempo changes immediately we arrive, if our absence or presence makes any difference according to people’s opinion, then God’s deposited talent is being revealed to us.

3. What can you do effortlessly?When you are confused as to which to choose among alternatives a simple test of your talent discovery is to ask which one can you do painlessly.The way we are wired, some people can handle a certain aspect of life vocation, discipline or exercise painlessly where others struggle. If this is you, it is a pointer that that area is your talent. For instance, one person may sing a particular song and gets an average applause, but when another person takes the same song he will receive a standing ovation. The difference is that the latter person must have been gifted in that area A look at the life of David, for instance, will clearly show him, a talented musician. In every situation he found himself, he composed songs which are fitting. This is why the book of Psalms is divided into various genres depending on various situations.

4. What do you find yourself doing and lose count of time? If you are excited about a thing and you are not bored. When others go on break you are still there, you do not mind your meals but engrossed in that activity. Among several alternatives you choose that single activity committing the whole day to it, it is obvious this is one talent God gave to you.

5. Another question to determine a God given talent is what can you beg people to do them for free? An activity that fit your makeup is always not money driven. You just want to fill that vacuum, ensuring the need is met. If you find yourself asking the question like can I do this? Is there nobody to do this? Can I be of any assistance? You are uncomfortable seeing activity done shabbily. Any available opportunity for talented people to showcase their values, they grab it. At times, they create it.

6. What will you keep doing, though you are not appreciated? If you discover you have a flair for certain things and people’s negative judgment does not discourage you as long as you fulfill your desire. And you work without supervision. If wheAn others seek for approval you only motivated because of your love for it then, that is your area of specialization. When your commitment is unparalleled and others wonder if you a stakeholder in the business. If you are performing in your area of gifting discouragement does not sets in because you will always be passionate because you are driven by your talent.

7. What grief or make me happy?Discovering your talent should not be difficult with the right question. If you want to know your God-given talent, ask yourself what grief me most and I am willing to change the situation at all cost and what gladdens me to see happening. What you enjoy doing and gives you joy is your area of competence. For instance, if you hate injustice with passion and rejoice when justice prevails you are gifted in human right, law, investigative journalism etc. Your talent determines our dispositions to issues.

8. What are you willing to do even when it involves risk? A talented man in any area is ready to pay the price to get things done no matter the risk as far as they get to the bottom of the issue. The only fulfillment for him is when his desire is accomplished. Identify that one thing and you will be on your way to finding your talent.

9. If you are living again, what will you like to do all over again? If you find out you are doing something so passionately now and you feel life is so short and you wish if it were possible to come again you will want to live such life again definitely that is your gifted area.

10. What will you do over and again if you and will not mind the pain and loss? Talent believes in possibility and that failure is just a temporary setback. If you find yourself pursuing one singular goal despite repeated failure and changing and trying new formula without result and you are not ready to give up, that may be your area of competitive advantage.

While it is true that some are multi talented, no one is created without one talent or the other. Life becomes miserable if you are operating outside your area of competence. If you will answer the listed talent discovery questions correctly and sincerely you’ll discover your talent and excel in your choosing field both in life and ministry.



• Take pen and paper and each of the listed questions to discover your talent.

• Having discovered your gifted area write down practical steps to develop it.

• If you know other ways I omitted here, point them out in the comment section below for us to learn together.

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%name Discovering Your Talent Through This Incredibly Simple Question

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