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All of us may not build a mega church or preach on the most exalted altar in the world. But we can influence a life with the power of our pen. So if you have a word that inspires, encourage or edifies, then you are welcome to guest post on this platform

Your post must be from the Biblical point of view.

What you can write on any of this area. Your post can cover any of this area.

1-    Christian living

2-    Personal development

3-    Financial freedom

4-    Faith/Spirituality

It is important you follow these guidelines when submitting your guest post.

  • You must submit unique content only. Copied or duplicated post will be rejected.
  • Your post must not have been posted elsewhere on the internet.
  • Once posted on this blog you cannot post it anywhere else, whether on your blog or others
  • We reserve the right to make needed adjustment and changes where necessary, including grammar, length, and content.
  • Major changes where necessary to your post shall be with your permission.
  • Any relevant picture or image should be included.
  • A brief author bio with the accompanying picture should also be included.
  • Once your post is posted you are expected to engage the reader in the comment section
  • We reserve the right to reject any guest post submitted.
  • You can submit your guest post in MS. Word format.
  • Ensure your submissions is written in English and well edited.
  • Keep your post between 800- 1200 words.
  • Book excerpts, affiliate, product sales and self-promotion are not accepted.
  • We shall reply to your query within 2 weeks.

If these rules are not too difficult to comply with, you can shoot me an e-mail via joseph@youngchristianask.com, josephakinrinola@yahoo.com stating the topic you intend to write about and what it covers. I will strongly advise that you read through the posts on this blog to familiarize yourself with the area of coverage.

You are welcome on board.