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Most Guided Signs That You Are In A Wrong Relationship.

Sincere evaluation of the following signs will reveal that you are in the wrong relationship. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. You can evaluate your relationship now before marriage, whether you should go ahead or call it off.

Genesis 2:18,1 Corinthians 7:1-16, Ephesians  5:22-33, 2Corintians 6:14, 2Corintians 11:11

1. You are in a wrong relationship if your spiritual life is nose diving. Your spouse to be should make you better in your work with God better now that you are coming together planning to be one. If now in courtship you are losing your flavor for God, it is a bad sign. In marriage, your freedom hangs on your spouse. So, your growth and walk with God now is a reflection of what it will be in your marriage.

2. If he/she regularly complain about your commitment to the spiritual activity. One sign of a wrong relationship is when the person complains you spent too much time or money on spiritual activities.

3. Do you trust each other? One basic factor that will guarantee a lasting relationship is trust. If you constantly suspect each other of double dating, insincerity in your speeches and dealings, it is a sign of a wrong relationship.

4. Poor communication- You rarely call or text yourselves. You do not return missed calls; you have no genuine explanation and do not apologize when confronted. Then know for sure the relationship is not going well.

5. Is there any domineering tendency- The two people in a relationship have an equal stake. Ordinarily, each person in a relationship should have a say. But, if one of you loves to dominate and dictate on every issue, your marriage will not work.

6. Does your partner show respect for your family? The manner your family is respected now will show the dignity that will be accorded them when you get married. A partner wishing his or her in-law dead before they marry have no dignity for your parent.

7. Personality difference- Each of us is unique in every aspect. In fact, that is why we are getting married. So, we can complement each other. But, if you do not accept individual personality differences, then you can kiss the relationship goodbye. It is a wrong relationship.

8. If your would-be spouse disgrace and wash you down in the presence of friends and family- We all have our ego to protect and it natural. If on the other hand, your partner makes you look stupid always to show himself in charge, it is obvious this is a bad relationship.

9. If you are always the one to bear the brunt of every deal and arrangement that fails to fall through- You are expected to make joint decisions on matters that concern both of you. When the plan worked out he or she claims the credit but, if it fails you get the boot. That person can’t make a good wife or husband.

10. Do you look forward meeting him? In a good relationship, you look forward to meeting your lover. In your own case you are always afraid to keep an appointment with your partner in the relationship or dread to express your feelings and opinion, then, you are in for a big problem from the start. It is a wrong relationship.

11. You will know it is a bad companionship if you are driven away from your ambition- Everyone has a personal goal in life. Therefore, if during your walk with this fellow your dream is becoming a mirage, then there is no realistic future ahead.

12. Does he or she make unholy advances? Sex is for married people. Any attempt to experiment with it as a Christian is a sin. If your spouse to be, is pressuring to have sex with you, it is a clear sign you courting trouble.

13. Are you proud of his or her friends and work in the public? If you are not proud to be publicly seen with this fellow you are dating in the public or be identified with his work, profession or vocation. It is a sign you are in a wrong company.

14. Is your secret secure with this fellow? Most of us have certain a thing we wished never happened in our past. Though we were forgiven at salvation, we still need to share this with our partner in this relationship. If you are afraid of telling him or her your dirty past, then he or she will not make a good spouse.

15. If you are in the relationship because you feel you have no alternative. When your conclusion is having this person is better than having no person. Friends you’ve chosen to be in a wrong relationship.

16. Do you often disagree with basic Biblical teaching? When you cannot find a common ground on the issue of sin, salvation, holiness, giving, polygamy, forgiveness though of the same faith. It is a clear sign your relationship will not stand the test of time.

17. If you find it hard to get forgiveness when you messed up. I think it is time to quit this relationship if your partner cannot freely forgive you.

18. Where your past experience with the ladies and guys is always standing between two of you. Our past has a way of clouding our senses or the present reality. If this is the case with you discontinue that relationship.

19. Are you made inferior in the relationship? We are to complement each other in the marriage relationship. Therefore you should not be treated as a trash by anybody let alone the person you plan to marry. You should break up with a partner who makes you feel you needed him or her more than both of you needed yourselves.

20. Is his or her family dictating how you run your relationship? Marriage is a joint venture. It is the spouse that chooses the direction their family should go and not their parents. It is, therefore, a danger sign if your partner’s parents have the final say now.

21. Is your partner a financial burden? Yes, you are to support each other financially. Nevertheless, if the lady is too demanding financially or the man relied so much on the ladies for provision.  Then you may be on an unhealthy marital voyage.

Conclusively, you must note that marriage is a point of no return.Therefore you should remember that a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage. Soit is necessary to address the aforementioned signs before you enter into marriage. These wrong relationship signs are a pointer that the marriage will not be a happy one.


1- Do you notice many of the above signs in your current relationship?

What practical steps have taken to talk this over with your partner?

2- Will not be necessary to see your pastor, marriage counselor or a senior friend?

3- What is your take on backing out now when you still have the opportunity?

If I miss any other point in this article, please add them in the comment box below.

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